Saturday, 3 March 2012

Top 10 MUST read books (part 2)

OK, here's the other half of my must read books of the year, like promised!

 6) Legend by Marie Lu

This book was introduced to me by a classmate of mine, and she somehow convinced me that it was worth giving a try. I read the back and knew, that I had to get my hands on my own copy! And of course, it is a dystopian, so I couldn't resist. The blurb mentions that the story takes place in what was once the western United States. It is now known as The Republic, a nation that is perpetually at war with its neighbours. Fifteen-year-old June is being groomed for success in the Republic's highest military circles, while fifteen-year-old Day is the country's most wanted criminal, with motives that might not be as malicious as everyone thinks. June and Day have no reasons to cross, but when June's mother is murdered, all fingers point to Day. Sounds interesting right?
Genres: YA, dystopia, Romance

7) Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari
Here we go, another dystopian. This one is a 2012 fiction nominee for White Pine, and I was enthralled by the cover design and the genres. A dystopian romance. Epidemics, floods, droughts--for sixteen-year-old Lucy, the end of the world came and went, taking 99% of the population with it. As the weather continues to rage out of control, and Sweepers clean the streets of plague victims, Lucy survives alone in the wilds of Central Park. But when she's rescued from a pack of hunting dogs by a mysterious boy named Aidan, she reluctantly realises she can't continue on her own. She joins his band of survivors, yet, a new danger awaits her: the Sweepers are looking for her. There's something special about Lucy, and they will stop at nothing to have her.
Genres: YA, dystopia, Romance
8) Illusions by Aprilynn Pike
The reason I want to read this book is simply because it is the third in a series I have already started. So if you guys haven't checked out the first book, Wings, then go now!
Genres: fantasy, Romance, YA

9) My Side of the Story by Will Davis
The thing that intrigued me about this one was the whole idea of the protagonist being 'Gay'. I remember I've always had a small field when it comes to books, but lately, I'm learning to expand that field and try lots of different things, this being one of them. Jarold, also known as 'Jaz' is going through the 'typical' life of a troubled teen. His parents hate each other and want Jaz to have therapy. He is the main target of the school tyrant and his goons, and his friend has just left his side. Jaz doesn't plan on loosing sleep over such dramas, but everything changes when he meets the guy of his dreams. That is when things get complicated.
Genres: YA, LGBT

10) Twisted by Gena Showalter

This is the third book in the Intertwined series, and since I loved the former books, I had to pick this one up.

Genres: Paranormal Romance

Once I finish reading these books, I'll post a review, and let you all know what I thought.

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