Sunday, 4 March 2012

Best Trilogy ever

Hey, I'm back, and this time I've come to introduce you all to the trilogy that no others can beat. Of course, these are just my opinions. The award winning author, Patrick Ness, has gained a lot of appraisal for is overly fantastic  'Chaos Walking' trilogy, and his new book, A monster calls.
The Costa Prize Judges appraised the whole Chaos Walking Trilogy by saying that they were “convinced that this is a major achievement in the making."
The Guardian said that “I would press Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking trilogy urgently on anyone, anyone at all. It is extraordinary.”

Here the three books in the trilogy, and if you have not already read these, then go NOW! I heard there was going to be a movie:

The books revolves around a boy Named Todd Hewitt who, on his thirteenth birthday, will become a man. He is really looking forward to becoming a man, but there are things that he doesn't know about the town he lives in. Prentisstown- a town cut off from the rest of the settlers. It is ruled by Mayor Prentiss, and the town consists of only men, because all the woman were killed by something known as the 'noise' germ. You see, this all takes place in an earth-like planet known as the 'New World' were settlers came to start over and live a simpler life. Things didn't turn out that way, though, because as the settlers landed, they found that they were not alone. There was already a species called the 'Spackle' residing on New World, and the Spackle released a noise germ that killed all the woman, and did something to the men so that the men's thoughts could be heard. Everything they thought, could be heard and seen by the other men. Now, you'd think that there would be no secrets in a town where everyone can hear each other, but you'd be wrong- because men can cover up their noise with false thoughts, and sometimes true thoughts, but in all the jumble of thoughts, you never know what is real or not. There is a reason why Prentisstown is cut off from everyone else... and Todd finds out the hard way.

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