Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dystopia on the rise?

Is this really what we want? A dystopian future?
Ok, don't know about you guys, but I've noticed that dystopian books have been getting really popular. It seems like most movie companies want to make dystopian books into movies (i.e. I am number four, Hunger Games, Chaos Walking). I was wondering, what do you guys think it is about these war filled futures that really intrigue us? Is it that we know life on earth isn't getting any better, so we make up dystopian worlds just to see what our futures are going to be like? I mean, think about it. Gas prices are really starting to rise, and for all we know, one day we might not even have any to fuel cars and such. The book by , talks about how in the 'near future' (there is the word 'future' again) fossil fuels are running out, and soon we have no oil to run cars, no heat, supermarkets are empty, malls are closed. In a way, the story is hinting at how vulnerable we humans could become if we lost even one thing like fuel. Like there is some sort of chain reaction where everything is connected, and you take one thing away, you lose the whole puzzle. The there are books such as by
, that deal with subjects such as clones. The story is about children who are kept hidden inside a school that has dark secrets. Apparently, the children are clones, and as they grow older, they must become donors. This one hints at how desperate we might become in the future for organs, that secret organisations might start cloning. Of course, these are just some ideas, nothing we need to worry about in the next five, or ten years, but you never know. In the Hunger Games, the dystopian theme is focused on how the government is taking over, and that is another possibility in real life. To sum things up, it seems that we are all fascinated by the touchy topic of, how bad will the future be? Because it obviously doesn't seem to be getting better what with all the global warming, discrimination, racism, precious pure water, oil, etc.. I'm sure you guys all know about the sudden rise in library fines, and Toronto has sold its zoo for money... Lots of people have gone on strikes, lately. And then you must know about how in Egypt, there were conflicts with the president, and the citizens threw him down. In fact, there was also news on how Russia was planning on drilling in the arctic for oil! You guys see now where I'm coming from? Is this why the dystopian genre is so popular? Do we really want a dystopian future? Let me know what you guys think!

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