Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Hunger Games hit high!

Hey, guys!
The Hunger Games are what everyone has been talking about lately! Why? Because it seems the movie is to be released in March 23, 2012. The trilogy itself has been getting really popular, and though the theme of the book is just amazing, and well written, the reason for this fame seems to be coming from the whole love triangle thing between Katniss, the protagonist, and a tribute of the annual Hunger Games. Peeta, another Tribute, and Gale. I, personally, am on team Gale's side, because Katniss and Gale have been through so much more! Nonetheless, I was a little disappointed at the final book, it seemed very rushed. The books, by Suzanne Collins, revolve around something called the annual Hunger games, where 12 tributes are chosen from the 12 different districts to take part in the hunger games. The 12 tributes are to compete with each other until only one is left standing. In other words, only one contestant gets out alive.

Left: Gale played by  Liam Hemsworth
Right: Peeta played by Josh Hutcherson
Middle: Katniss played byJennifer Lawrence

I am a total Gale fan, but love Josh Hutcherson's acting from the Vampires Assistant. As for Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence seems to fit the description perfectly!

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