Thursday, 5 April 2012

Introducing... Random Rant Thursday (#1)

Random Rant Thursday's is a weekly meme hosted by Zanib Dawn of the Books! If there's one thing I absolutely love, it's ranting. I don't really care what the rant is about, as long as it's related to books. So there I was, bored out of my wits, hoping I'd get a chance to rant with someone who couldn't possibly top me, that I had my idea. Random Rant Thursday's. Every Thursday, I will rant about something from dog folding the pages of a book, to clichés that make we want to puke. Today, The topic will be about vampires. Yes, the good ol' vamps.

You see, ever since Stephanie Meyers released Twilight, vampires became the next big thing. She, Stephanie Meyers, is who we must thank for the glorious blood sucking creatures.... RIGHT?! No, no, no! If I am correct, vampires were the big thing even way before that! And who brought them to life? That's right, our beloved Bram Stoker. I am an uber fan of his work, and boy, did I love 'Dracula'. The vampire in his book was the original, the loyal, and the vicious. The vampires in Twilight are the copies that are... a little 'different'. I swear, sparkling vampires? At least Stephanie had the guts to go with such a crazy, and bemusing idea. Sparkling... *giggles*.

It's true that vampires are really high right now, but it's also true that some people are getting sick of the 'drop dead gorgeous' male vampires who all seem to have muscles chiselled out of stone... I, on the other hand am not. Well, the gorgeous dudes are getting on my nerves, but not vampires. There are many stories out there that hold a lot of originality, and if you haven't read 'Cirque du Freak' by Darren Shan yet, then close this screen and go to your nearest emergency book store and buy it! Yes, that was my pathetic attempt at a joke. Let us move on.

I love vampires, I am obsessed, in fact. It all began with Darren Shan, and ever since then, I vowed that I would never let go of my dear blood suckers. Guess what? Twilight was awesome too. I read the whole series maybe twice? People have been bad mouthing those books a lot, comparing them to Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. First of all, Twilight is not as good as Harry Potter. It's a fact. People argue that the romance in Twilight is so much heavier and quicker then in Harry Potter, well news-flash, Twilight is a romance, while HP is an action/adventure/fantasy. Second, Twilight is better then The Hunger Games, now that's my opinion.

My point here is, don't ever be discouraged when you pick up the word vampire on the back of a book. You know it, and I know it, that vampire lovers are turning into vampire haters because of influence. Believe it or not, people like me (bookaholics/book reviewers) have a really big impact on the people who read are stuff (because we're cool like that), and sometimes, we change peoples minds on things just because we're talented in the arts of persuasion. Then again, there are always those hot-shots who think they know everything, and you'll probably listen to them because they have so much confidence. Whatever, just don't be discouraged. Vampire's rock, and we all know it.... Get the pun?

What're you guys ranting about?

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