Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Weigh in Wednesday (#3)

Weight in Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Epilogue.

Today's topic is: Poetry vs Prose

First, I've only ever read one book that has been written in poetry format, and that was Heartbeat by Sharon Creech, and I fell in love INSTANTLY. OK, so the truth is, this book belonged to one of my teachers (back when I was younger) and I was reading it in class, and took it home to finish. Of course, that's when I fell in love and couldn't let go. Fair enough? Besides I was just a kid *bows head in shame*. Anyway, aside from that, most of the books I read generally all have prose, but then again, it's not like you see many poetic novels out there. In fact, I wanted to write my own 'poetic' novel! In the end I have to say I love both. I can't choose between either.

What about you? What do you prefer? (By the way, if you know some poetic novels, let me know about them!)

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