Thursday, 24 May 2012

Random Rant Thursday (#2)

Random Rant Thursday's is a weekly meme hosted by Zanib Dawn of the Books. There is only one rule, RANT.

 Today's rant will be about clichés. Some typical clichés usually revolve around romance, but let me tell you, there are a bunch more that can really get on someone's nerves.

The first, and for most: When the main character is described as beautiful, yet constantly calls his/herself ugly and/or unattractive. You guys following me? I read it all the time, and one of the examples is (sorry Stephanie Meyers) Twilight. Bella is supposedly a 'pale' and normal girl who all the guys in the school are after. Yet, she can't seem to understand why? Her 'flowing brown hair' is just so plain? Yes, what a nuisance. It gets really annoying. I mean, why can't the main characters have a physical flaw? Or the lovers of the main character?

Then there is the stereotypical bad guys. I'm talking about the beauty queens out of cliques formed in Chick Lit. They're always out to get the main character because of some pathetic reason. Are people in real life like that? I suppose somewhere, there might be... but honestly, I think that all bad guys need to be good guys misguided. Lets say, Voldemort for example? If you know nothing about him, go pick up the Harry Potter books. He is like the baddest of the bad, yet he has an innocent history... get me? That's what makes a character... characterized.

That's all for today, let me know what YOU are ranting about.


  1. I completely agree! It really annoys me about things like that too!D:<
    When I write a certain character, I give her flaws and make it so that those flaws either pair up with someone else's flaws or conflicts with another character.
    If I do a shy character, she might meet a boy who's more outgoing than her - I wouldn't just make her shy and quiet though, I'd give her something, humour, style, an inside voice. You get my drift?
    If it was a bad-ass chick with an attitude problem, I'd make it so she falls for a sweet guy who wants nothing to do with her because she's just trouble.
    So yeah, I rant about this all the time>.

    1. I'm not that big of a writer, but I get what you mean.

  2. When you Stephanie Meyers Twilight and about it being cliche I had to agree. The books get on my nerves so much:D