Monday, 21 May 2012

Book Haul (#1)

  Book Haul is a feature that showcases all the awesome books I got this week!

To be reviewed
These are both books from the library. The one on the left, Verity Fibbs by Cathy Brett is about a girl who is super addicted to games and apparently, is a liar. I got it because the cover looked really different and had this 'sit-down-by-the-fire-on-a-stormy-day look to it. The one on the right, The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey is about an orphaned apprentice of a doctor who studies monsters. This one I chose because I haven't read too many books that revolve around monsters.

These two, also from the library, are new YA releases. The one on the left, No Mans Land by Lesley Hauge is about a futuristic time where women rule, and there are no men. Not inside women territories, anyway. The other one, Payback Time by Carl Deuker is about a school reported who thinks he might have found the biggest story yet, about a football player named Angel. I'll try to review them soon!

Well, that's all for today!

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